Qnit is a team of experts in Software development passionate about quality assurance and customer service. We help our clients to not only meet their business requirements but to also increase business value of their products and projects. In times of digital transformation Qnit has a high focus on agility and automation. For example we naturally integrate Test Automation Tooling into the CI/CD pipeline.

More about Qnit

Who we are

Qnit AG is the Quality Unit of PRODYNA SE. Our team of currently 30 colleagues works in Germany and Europe from all PRODYNA locations.We have many years of experience in the quality assurance of complex software solutions in a wide variety of industries and technologies. We focus on agility and automation.
Our knowledge Management ist based on the expertise of our employees. We make significant investments in training and employee retention. It goes without saying that we also take a look beyond the horizon and abilities in adjacent disciplines.

The way we work

We persue a pragmatic approach always ensuring a visible benefit out of invests into Quality Assurance. We help you to pick up low hanging fruits right away and afterwards we address middle and long term optimizations.
We always consider the whole Software Life Cycle. All measures are aligned to the process modell and coordinated all over the project and product life cycle.
We are a reliable partner of our customers and highly appreciate sincere communication and honest cooperation. Problems during projects daily business will be adressed and resolved together.


Our solutions are effective assemblies of approved methodologies and tools.
They are based on years of experience and carefully collected Best Practices.
They are available as well-defined, target group focused solution pakages with a fixed price or they can be constructed individually.