Reduce your manual testing efforts and shorten your test cycles.

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We help you to adopt the “Shift-Left”.

What is the added value?

By implementing your tests on the API level rather than the UI level, you increase their stability and repeatability.

There are four main points why API testing is more suitable for modern development processes:

  1. The API layer is the most stable interface to the system under test and therefore API tests are less fragile and easier to maintain
  2. API tests can be implemented and executed earlier
  3. API tests can often verify detailed hidden functionality
  4. API tests can be executed much faster

If the functionality you’d like to test is not exposed via APIs, this approach is not a viable strategy for you. For example, if you’re testing an SAP application which does not use APIs, API testing is simply irrelevant. In such a case, stable Application and Web-Testing on the UI is an appropriate solution.

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