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Reduce your manual testing efforts and shorten your test cycles.

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We automate your functional UI testing processes.

What we do

To increase the speed of your test cycles and to reduce manual repetition of static tasks, we can automate your functional UI test cases. The first step is to create or find the right test cases by focusing on software features that are critical or relevant to minimizing your business risks.

After creating the right set of test cases, we automate your user interface with the optimal tool. During this process, our focus lies on a resilient test automation approach which is easily readable and model-based. The advantage of model-based automation over script-based automation is its higher maintainability.

Ending the Test Maintenance Nightmare

Maintenance issues stem from two core problems: tests are unstable, and tests are difficult to update.  Instability can be solved by finding a more robust way to express the tests. It is crucial to choose the right tool to operate with your application using stable identifiers. We keep in mind that unstable tests can appear when running tests with inappropriate test data or in an unstable test environment.

Difficulty with updating tests can be solved by implementing model-based test automation. Building automated tests with easy-updatable modules allows for an efficient update process that keeps the tests in sync with development. Those modules are then reused across the whole test suite. When your application changes you want to be able to update only a single module and have other impacted tests automatically adapted.

With this approach we fight the maintenance nightmare and save your test automation costs in the long term.

To further reduce the runtime of the automated test cases, we recommend shifting testing to the API level.

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