CI- / CD-Integration

Increase your team members’ collaboration.

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We integrate your tests into your CI / CD system.

Why CI / CD Integration?

Integration with your organization’s CI / CD system of choice is essential for making testing a seamless part of the delivery pipeline. Otherwise your testing process will always be the bottleneck of your software development process. Or, what is even worse, you will skip or shorten the testing phase or even shift it to production. All of this leads to a business loss.

To avoid this, we will help you to directly integrate any modern testing platform into your CI / CD tools. Or we can help you connecting to a dedicated test management platform that orchestrates execution along with test management, tracking, and reporting.

The integration of your tests into your CI- / CD-Pipeline will increase the effectivity of your team members work and collaboration. Additionally, it will help you accelerate the test execution (e.g. via distributed execution) in order to get more testing completed in the available time.

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