Quality Consulting

Profit from our experience and achieve your quality goals in collaboration with us.

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Quality Assurance has no end in itself but serves your business. We adjust the Quality Strategy perfectly to your goals and your established process models and structures. Therefore all measures of Quality Assurance and Quality Inspection are synchronized. During the implementation of this Strategy we rely on step by step introduction and continuous process improvement.


Tooling throughout implementation and all test phases is indispensable for efficient Quality Assurance. We will take care of a proper tool integration into a tool-chain covering all project phases and present a clear utilization concept. We will consult you regarding the use of your present infrastructure as well as selection and introduction of new tools.


Solid Quality Assurance is made up of methodological knowledge and project experience as well as functional knowledge. Our excellently trained employees routinely staff roles in all areas of quality. They’ll complete your team and contribute their experience and methodological knowledge. Our employees will interact with your departments and establish specialized know-how themselves.


Testautomation speeds up feedback cycles and standardizes test procedures. For a useful embedding into the quality strategy, we will analyze in detail where its application has a real benefit and which testautomation tools can be used. Based on this we’ll implement automated tests and create a comprehensible usage and maintenance concept.


We share our knowledge with you. This includes spreading fundamental knowledge and raising all project members awareness for quality assurance. We support your departments regarding testability of the requirements and methodology for approvals. Using a “training on the job” approach we give advice and support your employees at taking over roles of quality.