How was Qnit created?


How was Qnit created?

Von einer internen QA-Abteilung bis hin zu branchenführenden Experten für Softwaretests.

At the beginning of 2015, Qnit did not yet exist. However, there was a small but dedicated group of experts in Quality Assurance who were working at PRODYNA. In fact, the Quality Assurance Unit was so dedicated that they even developed their own house-intern test automation tool called Nabucco!

As the world changed and quality assurance became more and more important, both PRODYNA and their customers recognised the need for high-quality and independent quality assurance services. That’s why PRODYNA made the decision to outsource their Quality Assurance Unit and create Qnit AG – a company focused on providing exceptional quality assurance services.

Taking this step:

  • PRODYNA was able to refocus on their core business of software development
  • We were able to build up pure Quality Assurance specialists

With each company playing to their strengths, it was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

During this time, another big decision was made – Nabucco, the in-house test automation tool, would not be further developed. The competition in this field (Ranorex, Tosca, QF-Test, Selenium, and more) was simply too big, with companies focused only on the development of test automation tools.

With this decision, we were able to shift its focus to what it does best:

  • Empowering people with education on the latest test automation technologies, both open source and enterprise solutions
  • Providing education on Test Management processes and tools
  • Creating industry-leading best practices for Quality Assurance, Test Automation, Test Management, and Test Strategies
  • Consulting customers on all aspects of Quality Assurance, independent of software development, with the goal of achieving the perfect balance between costs, time-to-market, and risk coverage

We’re committed to helping our customers achieve software testing excellence.

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