Tosca API Training at ECKD-KIGST GmbH


Tosca API Training at ECKD-KIGST GmbH 

Train employees at different locations


ECKD KIGST GmbH is the Service Unit for the Church, Diakonia and Caritas responsible for IT. Their subsidiary ECKD Service GmbH possesses extensive experience in providing secure and reliable IT solutions as well as offering and creating bespoke systems and services for the church market. Due to their focus on the demands and requirements of customers and an extensive portfolio of solutions and services, they are now considered amongst the most important IT service providers of the Protestant and Catholic Church, Diakonia and Caritas as well as sponsors of social institutions. Under the slogan “IT.Menschlich” (engl. “IT.Human”), more than 250 employees distributed over seven locations in Germany ensure personal consulting, support and the provision of hardware and software components. The ECKD KIGST product and service portfolio includes the customer oriented requirements engineering to advise and design suitable solutions as well as the subsequent support for the delivered applications.  

The provided solutions support mainly administrative and back office processes of the customers in the areas of church reporting, payroll, human resources management, payroll accounting, financial management, fundraising and kindergarten accounting. ECKD Service GmbH also provides IT services like IT operating models, applications and IT services, project management and consulting, telecommunications, network solutions, individual adaptations and Microsoft Cloud Services.  

The focus of the two companies is to strengthen the efficiency and profitability of their customers with the services and solutions they provide. They pay extensive attention to the quality, sustainability and security of the services as well as the continuous development of the IT and professional competence of their employees.


ECKD-KIGST GmbH is about to introduce their new module „BASE“, a software component based on C# providing the basic functionality of a new financial application. Therefore, the constructs included in BASE as well as the use cases for configuration and usage of these constructs are defined. The component BASE is versionable, able to add more constructs and/or able to supplement/change existing constructs. During the use of BASE constructs in a fiscal/accounting context, the compliance to GoB and GoBD as well as IDW 880 and IDW RS FAIT 1 is of elementary importance. The overall quality of the module BASE and the entire system has to be insured by professional test processes, test management, test automation and „best practices“. As this software development project is still in an early stage no UI is available yet. Due to this ECKD-KIGST GmbH is planning to implement automated API-tests with Tricentis Tosca. To prepare the employees for this task a bespoke training is planned with a duration of two days.  

With the help of exercises, the imparted knowledge is deepened and used directly after each section. As the six participants work in different locations the training has to be conducted online.


By designing and providing a bespoke training concept Qnit AG managed to address the demand of building knowledge Test Automation with Tricentis Tosca generally, API Testing as well as referring to the bespoke customer application to ensure the immediate usability of the transferred knowledge. The accompanying training material and media for the participants was built on that base as well:  

  • Agenda and presentation 
  • Step by step exercises for each section 
  •  Complex exercises to summarize the training content  
  • Solutions for the exercises  

The entire training material was based on the customer’s module BASE and the exercises were performed with the current version of the software. At the same time the Tricentis Tosca “Best Practices” was conveyed to ensure a sustainable knowledge transfer. Furthermore, the content of the training was summarized in a certificate of attendance which was handed over to each participant at the end of the training:  

  • API Basics 
  • Tricentis TOSCA General Best Practices Requirements Section 
  •  Module Section 
  • API Scan 
  • TestCase Section 
  • Execution Section 
  • TestCaseDesign Section


Qnit AG has proven the ability to create and perform a bespoke training on an outstanding quality level by fully meeting the expectations of the customer. The success was reflected after assessing the feedback sheets submitted by each attendee confirming the good results right away. The great feedback included Qnit ́s Online Training concept. Even though the six participants were located in different places, Qnit reached the training goals with individual support and guidance. 

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