Meet Wolfgang: Our Sales Maestro with Over 30 Years of Experience


Meet Wolfgang: A Sales Maestro with Over 30 Years of Experience

Hi, I’m Wolfgang. Since 6 years I’m not only CEO at Qnit but also in charge of sales. I’m in sales for more than 30 years in different roles and types. I’m experienced in all types of sales in different types of companies and also countries. So, I worked for big corporations i.e Siemens in the US or Fujitsu, as well as for a start-up company in Munich.

In my portfolio I represented IT-infrastructure, Software, Services and Consulting, so I understand all challenges and pains of our customers, but also know the best solutions which can be offered.

My preference in love is “Sales” and that fuels me. I’m fully convinced: “If you don’t burn yourself, you can’t light a fire”.

My personality, as CEO as well as Sales, is representing respect, reliability, trust, honesty and also the attitude “Just Do It”.

I love what I do and I am proud to work for Qnit AG, a 100% PRODYNA Company!

In the past, application testing was a need for demonstrating at least some testing activities. Testing was a responsibility of the development and only a cost-factor. If the budget has become low, customers reduced the investments to zero. This led to a shifting of the problem. If testing is reduced, the problem is transferred to the business. Therefore, they suddenly had to provide resources to cover, mainly manually, test activities or if not, carry a higher risk when they go into production.

The world changed, in terms of “Quality directly effects business”.

One of my clients was an animal feeds online shop. The animal feeds business involved several billions per year. I remember a situation back then, the online shop didn’t work 3 days before Christmas. I never heard the exact number of losses, but you can assume it.

It’s everybody’s decision how to deal with risk – period!

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