Test Management

Be permanently informed about your business risks.

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We manage your testing processes.

What is needed?

Businesses nowadays don’t want – or need – perfect software. Instead, they want to deliver new, business-differentiating software as soon as possible. The goal is to implement software without breaking the core functionality that the customer base – and thus the business – depends on. To achieve this, it is essential that all personnel always have access to the information that is important to them. Thus, the business risk is constantly monitored, and it is possible to make the right decisions at the right time.

What is being done?

We support your business with professional test management. Our focus revolves around cleanly coordinating software testing processes to facilitate seamless integration into your software development processes. Testing will be managed across all phases of the software delivery pipeline. Thereby, actionable feedback will be delivered to the right stakeholder at the right time.

Making the next step

To further improve your testing processes, it is necessary to aspire to Continuous Testing. No tool or technology can instantly “give” you Continuous Testing. Like Agile and DevOps, Continuous Testing requires changes in people, processes and technologies. With our experienced consultants, we will help you to make this step. Furthermore, we recommend that you automate your test casesshift your testing left, and integrate testing into your CI / CD pipeline.

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